How to Streamline Your Freelance Opportunity Deal Flow

Kaila Mathis

The future of work has been rapidly evolving since Covid-19 propelled the nation's workforce into a heightened interest in opportunities to work from anywhere, maintain autonomy of their own career and make money doing what they love. People quickly left their full-time jobs in pursuit of turning their creativity and careers, but were soon met with an onslaught of obstacles causing them to miss the security and routine of 9-5 work and biweekly paychecks.

Creators are ready to find flexible freelance work, get paid to do what they love and quit their 9-5s, but the process of showcasing work, applying for gigs, following through on payment and starting the cycle over again wastes significant time, money and resources, and inhibits their ability to scale reliably.

CLLCTVE created a 360-degree solution to enable creators to access the knowledge, opportunities and resources to connect and scale. We solve for the arduous process of showcasing work, applying to gigs, completing the gigs, following up on payment and starting all over again by simplifying the process and centralizing it in one environment.

At CLLCTVE, creators can…

  1. Create a portfolio in less than three minutes
  2. Apply to opportunities in one click
  3. Streamline onboarding and payment process

Let's break that down.

Building a Portfolio

Before even beginning to apply for gigs or marketing their creations, creators have to create a comprehensive online portfolio. To do so, they often build a personal site on builders like or Wordpress, which means monthly subscription costs; days, weeks or months sacrificed building a site and overly complicated updating procedures whenever new content is added.

We created a portfolio platform that solves for all of that. When creators sign up for CLLCTVE, they can create a portfolio that represents their creative identity and experience all in one place. CLLCTVE portfolios showcase creators' bios, skills, interests and content in one place.

Not to mention, CLLCTVE portfolios are free, take less than three minutes to create and can be easily updated in seconds with new content.

Applying to Opportunities

Applying to paid opportunities may just be one of the most mind-numbing, tiring and deeply discouraging necessary practices for making it as a full-time freelancer. It seems as if a new gig platform pops up every month, meaning creators have to create a new profile or a new site, search endlessly through available opportunities and fill out endless applications just for the hope of receiving a new gig. And even then, there's no guarantee that the job will be a good fit, or even pay well.

Naturally, that archaic process is not something we stand for at CLLCTVE. Instead, we revolutionized the job application process to streamline deal flow to the individual creator.

Here are the practices we stand by at CLLCTVE....

  1. We don't waste creators' time. We only send creators the opportunities that meet their preferences and experience.
  2. We let the content do the talking. Instead of filling out applications, CLLCTVE creators apply to opportunities with one click that submits their portfolios for review. Brands then review the portfolios and choose to match with creators who fit their preferences.
  3. We don't let our creators go underpaid. All CLLCTVE opportunity rates are vetted before distribution to ensure they at least match standard market rates.

Streamlining Onboarding and Payment Processes

As freelance creators ourselves, CLLCTVE's team understands the painful process of onboarding, submitting invoices and collecting payment, especially when all we're looking to do is get paid to create. Often, the traditional practices companies use to pay 1099 workers result in a lack of financial documentation and delayed payments. For freelancers looking to pay their bills, that process is simply unacceptable.

When you work on a CLLCTVE opportunity, we simplify and expedited this process for you by...

  1. Working with you to collect your W9 and Invoice at the launch of the opportunity
  2. Streamline payments to your account at the completion of the gig
  3. Provide financial planning resources to help you create quality budgeting practices and ensure you're prepared for tax season

Kaila Mathis
Kaila graduated from Villanova University in 2021 with a B.A. in PR & Advertising and Journalism, with a minor in Spanish. She is now the Growth Manager at CLLCTVE and a Freelance Writer for Adweek.
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