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Our platform provides a hassle-free way to find the right creators based on skills, experience, and location.

"Part of building trust and resonating with your audience is dependent on finding real, personable creators. This one is without a doubt the trickiest. There’s no easy way to track down, hire, brief, manage, and get great creative from creators, but we’ve learned first-hand that when you put in the effort, it pays off in spades. The really effective piece to this puzzle, for us, has been CLLCTVE."

Elle Ossello

Creative Strategist at
Tuff Growth
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Black Tech Week hired 12 Creators for photo, video, editing, and social media services during their 5 day festival.

Our impact helped drive over 400 million digital impressions on their social media content in just one day.

CLLCTVE helped the largest Juneteenth Festival in the world staff their entire production team for the 4-day Tulsa event.

Sourcing talent on our platform cut 50% of hiring costs and 85% of time spent sourcing for their team.

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"Freelancers and brands do not have to look any further as CLLCTVE is now a home to open windows of opportunity. Unlike traditional platforms,CLLCTVE transforms how job prospects can showcase their talents. For brands searching for likely additions to their teams, the helps to access the user’s coupled with real-time insights on current or former projects created.”