BooSocki Kickstarts An Omnichannel Campaign With CLLCTVE's Help

Kaila Mathis

The Problem

BooSocki, a sock company built on shared experiences, was finding it challenging to create content that engaged Gen Z viewers.

The Solution

We conducted a discovery call to source brand pain points, goals and creator preferences. Then, we paired them with creators we felt best met their needs.

BooSocki asked those creators to create a piece of content for social media that captured the experience of gifting BooSocki socks and the essence of the brand as a whole. BooSocki sent socks to each of the creators to include in their deliverables.

The Result

After receiving their content, BooSocki said they envision their brand utilizing CLLCTVE creators every month in an effort to boost their social media content. The brand specifically appreciated the opportunity to source a diverse set of freelancers directly from its target market, and said the experience helped them understand what Gen Z consumers are looking for in their content.

Looking to Source Creators Yourself?

Visit our For Brands page to learn more about how you can simplify and expedite your talent search through CLLCTVE.

Kaila Mathis
Kaila graduated from Villanova University in 2021 with a B.A. in PR & Advertising and Journalism, with a minor in Spanish. She is now the Growth Manager at CLLCTVE and a Freelance Writer for Adweek.
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