5 Brands Killing it On TikTok

Natalie Gabrenya

It's no secret that TikTok is the primary platform to reach and connect with Gen Z consumers. However, the reason every brand isn't successful on TikTok is because typical marketing and advertising tactics simply don't work on the app. Young viewers see through the ads, and instead crave authentic connection with companies willing to break the fourth wall. We gathered five of our favorite brands who are absolutely killing it on TikTok.


TikTok has recently become a huge marketing platform, especially for brands that are targeting Gen Z. Spikeball, a cross between volleyball and foursquare, definitely has honed in on TikTok advertising. They currently have 1.2 million followers. Their massive follower amount is largely due to their capitalization on trends, comical content, and use of popular songs. This adorable TikTok of a dog playing Spikeball went viral for them last month! Spikeball has aced their use of TikTok as a marketing tool!


Chipotle is another brand that has taken advantage of TikTok marketing and advertisements. While Chipotle has plenty of fans across generations, Chipotle definitely ensured that Gen Z would love them as well. One way Chipotle has done this is through their consistent posting on TikTok. Chipotle even posts “hacks” or ways to score free items! In March, they posted a TikTok that showed users how to get free guac throughout the year! Their content is creative and sure to pop up on Gen Z’s feed!

ELF Cosmetics

Although many brands have taken advantage of TikTok marketing, ELF Cosmetics was one of the first to commission a song for their TikTok campaign. This was the first original song commissioned for a TikTok advertisement campaign. The song titled, “Eyes Lips Face,” had it’s own hashtag with many influencers posting videos with the hashtag! The hashtag #eyeslipsface currently has 9.1 billion views!


Guess is a brand that was plenty popular with millennials. Along with many other millennial loved brands, Guess is making an active effort to market towards a Gen Z audience. Guess has successfully been doing this through TikTok. One way they’ve been successful on TikTok is by running challenges. One challenge they ran was #inmydemin, where people posted videos of how they style their Guess demin. #inmydenim currently has 53.4 million views!


ESPN has been doing amazing on TikTok. Their follower count is currently at 23.3 million! Most of their videos are comical, relatable, and posted to trending sounds, like this TikTok of Lebron James working at Blaze Pizza. They’ve used TikTok to reach a broader audience and create community between different sports fans. Whether your a Boston Red Sox fan or a fan of the Miami Heat, everyone can agree that ESPN’s TikToks are hilarious.

Natalie Gabrenya
Natalie Gabrenya is a Sales Representative here at CLLCTVE. She is a Liberal Studies major at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo graduating this spring.
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