CLLCTVE x ONYX Partner to Host 'Wanderlust': A Day of Creative Wellness Events

Kaila Mathis

The day-long event on June 22nd is sponsored by Tulsa Remote and will feature four parts, including Morning Yoga + Affirmations, a Weekly Flow session for menstruators, a Panel + Happy Hour, and a Concert.

CLLCTVE, the portfolio platform connecting creators to their next opportunity, and ONYX, the femtech company solving period pain for menstruators, teamed up to host Wanderlust on Wednesday, June 22nd. The two emerging Tulsa startups created Wanderlust as a day of inclusive community events curated to empower innovators and creators with mental health, clarity, confidence, awareness and social connections.

Creative Wellness Flow: Meditation & Yoga Class

The day will begin at 7am with an hour-long meditation and yoga class dedicated to unlocking peace and creative confidence, hosted by singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Natalie Lauren and ONYX CEO Elle McCray.

Weekly Flow

From 12pm-1pm, ONYX will host Weekly Flow, a gathering of menstruators aiming to create safe spaces in the workplace, at the Incubator at 36 Degrees North.

The gathering is hosted by Elle McCray and Jessica Trippiedi, Co-founders of Onyx.

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Panel & Happy Hour

From 5pm-7pm, CLLCTVE will host a panel on fostering inclusive hiring and workspaces at 473. The panel will be moderated by Kelsey Davis, Founder and CEO of CLLCTVE, and will feature Mandi Ford Argo, Director of Tulsa for Venture for America, Daniel McHenry, Founder of Black Queer Tulsa, and Tori Burris, Associate Director of Career Services of Holberton Tulsa.

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Concert With Tea Rush & Dr. View

From 7pm on, CLLCTVE and ONYX will join to host an inclusive community celebration for the Tulsa ecosystem at Four Seven Three. The celebration will feature performances by Fire in Little Africa artists Tea Rush and Dr. View, as well as a cash bar, food and a special ‘Wanderlust’ cocktail.

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“Hosting Weekly Flow has been our way of carving out a space for womxn and allies to actively co-create an office culture that supports them,” said Elle McCray, CEO and Founder of ONYX. “These candid conversations highlight the 'taboo' topics that are usually off-limits for a traditional office and range from tampon talk to navigating postpartum life.”

“We're actually sparking action with Weekly Flow too. Since creating the space, we've seen a lactation room sprout up in the office, along with an ‘oh, crap’ basket in the restrooms, stocked with emergency period products,” said McCray.

CLLCTVE and ONYX are excited to partner with members of our community to make this day possible. Tulsa Remote joined as the featured sponsor for all four events, empowering event success through the donation of funds and resources. Fansub will be hosting all event ticketing and virtual streaming for the events on its interactive platform. 

“CLLCTVE chose to headquarter in Tulsa because of its historical investment in the future of work economy and the creative infrastructure needed to make big ideas a reality,” said Kelsey Davis, CEO and Founder of CLLCTVE. “We’re ecstatic to have the opportunity to bridge the culture of Tulsa with our curated day of events, and grateful to Tulsa Remote and the community as a whole for their support in doing so.”

Those interested can find more information and register for Wanderlust on Fansub. Tickets are limited for each event, so be sure to register ASAP.

Kaila Mathis
Kaila graduated from Villanova University in 2021 with a B.A. in PR & Advertising and Journalism, with a minor in Spanish. She is now the Growth Manager at CLLCTVE and a Freelance Writer for Adweek.
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