CLLCTVE Hosting a Luncheon Connecting Tulsa’s Growing Creator Community

Kaila Mathis

CLLCTVE is excited to partner with Tulsa Creative Engine and Tulsa Remote to connect local creators through pizza and conversation. The panel is on Friday, October 22nd at 12p CT, and will be hosted at Empire Slice House.

The panel will be moderated by Chris Davis, Executive Director of Tulsa Creative Engine and Executive Producer of Fire in Little Africa. Panelists include Kelsey Davis, the Founder/CEO of CLLCTVE, and Keith “Sneak” Daniels, rapper and filmmaker, Director of Fire in Little Africa documentary.

The group shares a passion for the rising creator economy in the city of Tulsa, and is excited to discuss their vision for the future.

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The luncheon is one event of many at Tulsa Creative Engine’s Spark Summit: a mini-conference consisting of panel conversations, fireside chats, and mixers highlighting music, tech and entrepreneurship in Tulsa.

CLLCTVE's mission to democratize the creator economy aligns directly with the work Chris Davis from Tulsa Creative Engine, and Ben Stewart and Dominique Clarke from Tulsa Remote, are doing to drive impact for the future of Tulsa. With the goal to amplify talent in cities across the country, CLLCTVE aims to continue partnering with passionate and driven community leaders like Davis, Stewart and Clarke.

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CLLCTVE (Techstars ‘20) is the portfolio platform connecting creators to their next opportunity. Our community-driven technology enables freelancers to build their own world online without creating any code, any website, or any resume - showcasing their creative capabilities and engaging with brands all in one place. With a community of thousands of creators, we have the ability to match brands and creators for opportunities based on brands' needs and creators' interests and experience. 

About Tulsa Creative Engine

Tulsa Creative Engine is an artist-first non-profit organization providing entrepreneurial, educational, financial and technological resources to Tulsa-based artists and creative professionals. TCE envisions a Tulsa in which its music, tech and entrepreneurship ecosystems intersect to spark innovation and new frontiers of creativity within our community.

About Tulsa Remote

Tulsa Remote is a unique recruitment initiative aimed at attracting talented individuals to Tulsa. The program brings remote workers and digital nomads to the community by providing $10,000 grants and numerous community-building opportunities. Each grant is distributed over the course of a year to eligible remote workers or entrepreneurs living outside of Oklahoma. Funding is currently provided by the George Kaiser Family Foundation. The City of Tulsa and other community organizations lend their support to ensure program participants are fully immersed and engaged in the community. 

Kaila Mathis
Kaila graduated from Villanova University in 2021 with a B.A. in PR & Advertising and Journalism, with a minor in Spanish. She is now the Growth Manager at CLLCTVE and a Freelance Writer for Adweek.
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