Top 5 Questions Companies Have About Sourcing Freelancers

Kaila Mathis

Sourcing freelancers for gigs and roles within your company can be daunting, regardless of if it's your first time or your thousandth. To ensure you enter your creator search prepared, CLLCTVE put together a guide answering our clients' top five questions about hiring freelancers.

1. What are the benefits of hiring freelancers?

Freelancers are the perfect solution to fill part-time, skill-based roles or complete short-term gigs and projects. They're cost-effective, impressively skilled in their areas of expertise, able to return high-quality deliverables with quick turnaround time, and come with no long-term commitment or lengthy onboarding process.

2. What can I hire freelancers for?

Freelancers can be hired for short- and long-term gigs, part-time roles and temporary positions. Their skills range across creative mediums such as graphic design, web design, copywriting, brand material creation, photographers, videographers, animation, illustration and more.

3. How do I pay freelancers?

Pay for freelancers depends on the length of the project or role, as well as required skills and experience. When speaking with freelancers, you'll want to ask them their typical rates and preferred payment method, and send over a contract when necessary.

4. How can I set freelancers up for success?

To ensure your freelancers are set up for success, provide clear deadlines and expectations, provide actionable feedback on deliverables and communicate regularly throughout the project timeline. Finally, be sure to pay freelancers in a timely fashion to maintain positive long-term relationships.

5. Where can I find freelancers?

You can probably guess our answer to this one...
While there are plenty of helpful resources online to source freelancers for gigs and roles, CLLCTVE provides ourselves on being the #1 utility for doing so. Just let us know your preferences for skills, experience, location and availability, and we'll deliver your perfect creator matches.

Kaila Mathis
Kaila graduated from Villanova University in 2021 with a B.A. in PR & Advertising and Journalism, with a minor in Spanish. She is now the Growth Manager at CLLCTVE and a Freelance Writer for Adweek.
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