How Current Expanded Its UGC TikTok Content Through CLLCTVE

Kaila Mathis

The Problem

Current is the bank for modern life, offering value props that make financial success accessible to all consumers. They came to CLLCTVE looking to expand their organic content strategy through videos of creators demonstrating the benefits of using Current.

The Solution

We paired Current with CLLCTVE creators to produce TikToks about how they can use Current to get paid up to two days earlier, encouraging viewers to go sign up for the card themselves. Creators were told to create organic content showcasing how the brand caters to their needs as freelancers and students.

The Result

Current worked with the creators to source curated videos showing how they could uniquely benefit from getting paid 2 days early. Creators listed benefits that directly correlated with their own lifestyles, leading to a diverse set of content representative of Current's young audience.

The brand worked through edits with creators that allowed videos to be post-ready without any additional production needed on their end.

Kaila Mathis
Kaila graduated from Villanova University in 2021 with a B.A. in PR & Advertising and Journalism, with a minor in Spanish. She is now the Growth Manager at CLLCTVE and a Freelance Writer for Adweek.
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