CLLCTVE and Sip & Sonder Launch ‘Creators & Coffee’ Event Series | Join us this Sunday Sept 12th 10a-2p

Kaila Mathis

CLLCTVE is excited to partner with Sip & Sonder, a Black women-owned coffee house and roaster centered in values of community and culture, for its first ever ‘Creators & Coffee’ event. The ‘sip-and-shoot’ will offer free photos for the community and take place on September 12 from 10a - 2p, and invites creators in the area to attend the coffee house for a relaxing Sunday meeting like-minded people in the Inglewood neighborhood. 

CLLCTVE is an online platform that fosters a community for creators around the country to showcase who they are and what they do, and collaborate with talented creators they wouldn't have met otherwise. Now, they’re looking to bring this same experience in-person. 

“Since launching CLLCTVE, we’ve witnessed incredible collaborations and opportunities grow between creators and brands who wouldn’t have met each other if it weren’t for our platform,” said Kelsey Davis, Founder + CEO of CLLCTVE. “We’re excited to now bring this to our local community in Los Angeles alongside a fellow black-owned business, to foster relationships between creators in our own backyard.”

Given Sip & Sonder’s focus on community and culture, Davis knew their shop would be the perfect location for its first ‘Creators & Coffee’ event.

"Some of our fondest moments inside the coffee house are seeing relationships built, both personal and professional," said Shanita Nicholas, co-founder of Sip & Sonder. "We are constantly impressed by the talent in our community, and are privileged to provide space for building, bonding and just being." 

Sip & Sonder knew that CLLCTVE was the right partner to advance their mission and vision, putting the space they created to foster friendship and collaboration, as well as serve their community, to work.

"We are excited to work with an intentional, culture-focused organization like CLLCTVE to put Sonder into action," said Amanda-Jane Thomas, co-founder of Sip & Sonder. "Through our focus on placemaking at the shop and CLLCTVE's endeavors to build authentic collaborative opportunities, we know that 'Creators & Coffee' will cultivate genuine, productive connections."

About Sip & Sonder

Established in 2017, Sip & Sonder's flagship location is the first specialty coffee house in Inglewood, California. With a coffee roaster, creative studio, and multi-purpose event space on site, Sip & Sonder is much more than your ordinary coffee shop—we are a Black women-owned innovative entrepreneurial and creative hub where coffee, community, and culture connect. Sip & Sonder is the premier destination for creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, curators, and everyone in between to simply exist, grab a cup of coffee, connect, create, and put sonder into action. Our mindfully curated coffee and innovative programs and partnerships solidify Sip & Sonder as one of the premium coffee and lifestyle brands in Los Angeles and beyond.


CLLCTVE (Techstars ‘20) is the portfolio platform connecting creators to their next opportunity. Our community-driven technology enables freelancers to build their own world online without creating any code, any website, or any resume - showcasing their creative capabilities and engaging with brands all in one place. With a community of thousands of creators, we have the ability to match brands and creators for opportunities based on brands' needs and creators' interests and experience.

Kaila Mathis
Kaila graduated from Villanova University in 2021 with a B.A. in PR & Advertising and Journalism, with a minor in Spanish. She is now the Growth Manager at CLLCTVE and a Freelance Writer for Adweek.
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