Brands That Get It: Nike, Vans, Adobe, Apple, Honey

Natalie Gabrenya

Gen Z isn't an easy generation to win over, and so we deeply admire companies who have utilized strategic marketing and advertising to win over the hearts and wallets of the young generation of shoppers. Here are our picks for the top five brands who get it this week.


Nike has been an American staple in both athletic wear and fashion for years. Nike’s products aren’t just what has earned them popularity with Gen Z however. Nike’s advertising campaigns authentically and intentionally advocate for social justice, earning them favor among Gen Z.


Gen Z’s second favorite shoe brand is Vans. Vans has been an American favorite since the 1970’s. There are two main reasons why Vans has stayed a staple for Gen Z. First, their affordable price in comparison to many other sneaker brands, and second, its gender-less style of shoes makes the products welcome to anyone and everyone to wear.


Adobe is the premier brand that has led the way in the creation and transformation of the creator economy. Adobe has proven that it values education and helping to progress future generations. The brand recently did a study called “Gen Z in the Classroom: Creating the Future,” where it asked 2,500+ Gen Z students aged 11-17, and 1,000+ Gen Z teachers to tell them how they feel about learning, creativity, and the future.


Gen Z adores Apple, which has led to 88% of American teens currently owning an iPhone. Apple’s variety of products, many even geared towards education use have virtually no competitors in Gen Z’s eyes. Apple’s constant updates and introduction of new products have kept Gen Z intrigued and loyal, always eager to get in line for the newest product releases.


Honey is a browser extension that automatically searches for coupons applicable to online shops and applies them at checkout. Gen Z’s favor for online shopping over in-person has made Honey an extremely useful tool. Saving money in an affordable, efficient way is something Gen Z definitely loves.

Natalie Gabrenya
Natalie Gabrenya is a Sales Representative here at CLLCTVE. She is a Liberal Studies major at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo graduating this spring.
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