Brands That Get It: Aerie, Snag Delivery and More

Natalie Gabrenya

Marketing is an art form, and tailoring marketing to young consumers with steadfast values and buying practices is a science. This week, we're taking a look at five brands who've managed to nail down both.


American Eagle was well loved by millennials and it’s new brand Aerie has now become a Gen Z favorite. On social media, Aerie strongly encourages their customers to post or share “unretouched #AerieREAL photos” of themselves. Aerie has made such a strong brand through celebrating diversity and inclusivity. Aerie states on their website, “Our mission is to empower everyone to love their REAL SELVES. Together!”

Dick’s Sport Goods

Dick’s Sport Goods has been an American go-to for sports equipment since 1948. They have recently been using social media, as have many other brands, to target their Gen Z audience. In 2021, Dick’s launched a Girl’s Power Panel for girls ages 13 to 17. This panel provided advice and insights on controversies in sports. They also launch a campaign names Inside Moves that showed an inside view of women executives at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The YouTube video campaign have over 5 million views! Dick’s Sporting Good’s inspiration for young women has been extremely well received by Gen Z!

Abercrombie and Fitch

Abercrombie and Fitch may have had the most successful rebrand out of every Millennial loved clothing brand. After years of backlash for being non-inclusive, Abercrombie finally rebranded under a new leader. Their sizing, models, and overall messages and now much more inclusive and well received by Gen Z. They also rebranded their actual clothing to be more neutrally toned and targeted towards a slightly older crowd. Their success and popularity speaks for itself!

Snag Delivery

Snag Delivery has become quite popular in American college towns. Similar to apps like InstaCart or UberEats, Snag also delivers products straight to your door. However, Snag has specified its audience to college students. They advertise specific products that college students frequently need or want, from test scantrons to red solo cups. They deliver in under 15 minutes via electric scooter. Snag has had so much success by picking a very specific market and truly understanding their needs and wants.

Shop App

Shop App has become a Gen Z favorite. As online shopping became increasingly popular, Shop App was created to help ease tracking of online packages. Instead of having to go to your order email, find your order number, and enter it in to a tracking website, Shop App keeps everything in one place and sends it’s users updates on the status of their packages. Shop App listened to Gen Z’s love of efficiency and online shopping and responded with the perfect app.

Natalie Gabrenya
Natalie Gabrenya is a Sales Representative here at CLLCTVE. She is a Liberal Studies major at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo graduating this spring.
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