Manage Your Creator Network

Published by CLLCTVE Team

Keeping a rolodex of your growing freelance creator network can be daunting and unrealistic - especially if you’re looking to know each individual’s experience and capabilities for reference on future projects.

That’s why CLLCTVE’s creator hub exists. We make it easy to track all past gig applicants, with a portfolio ready that showcases their skills, interests and content, as well as their social media profiles and contact information to easily reach out to them.

If you’re looking to manage your relationships as your creator community grows, check out these tips for making that as simple as possible.

Get to Know Every Creator Match

Whether you’re personally reaching out to them, hopping on a call with them or doing a deep dive into their portfolio, be sure to gain an understand of who each of your creator matches is. This will make it easy for you to know who’s already demonstrated interest in working with your brand, as well as what they’re capable of doing.

Creators appreciate when you take the time to build a real relationship with them, centered around their career and life goals. When speaking with creators, be sure to get to know what their goals for working with you are, so you can work with them to get them to their next stage of growth.

Stay in Touch With Your Community

Keeping in touch with creators can happen in a number of ways, but it’s crucial to making sure you always have talented individuals on deck to tap for projects. Here are a few ideas for keeping in touch:

Track Communications With Creators

Keeping track of all communications with creators can be incredibly helpful to reference when reaching back out for new projects. There are a few ways you can do this, depending on your preferences:

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